Building solar-powered monitoring devices that last longer for better data capture and transmission

Would you like your IoT/M2M device to have a battery life of 8+ years? Would your clients value more information from their device subscriptions? Carmanah’s design and manufacturing services can help you:

Enhance the next version of an existing device

Create a new device and market opportunity that wasn’t previously practical

Beat your competition to market with new technology

Harness solar energy and build effectively

Carmanah was the first to build an intrinsically safe, solar-powered asset tracker device. We were also the first to bring a solar LED marine lantern to the market in 1996. Between then and now, our team has built a reputation of delivering high-quality products in some of the world’s harshest environments. Whether you want to enhance an existing device or create something new, our services can help. They include:

  • Solar integration with the product design

    – to increase battery lifespan and transmission capabilities

  • Power-efficient circuit design

    – to improve power efficiencies with a lower-cost design that results in a more reliable product

  • Industrial-grade design

    – to upgrade components/casing to meet almost any specification requirement, including shock, vibration, UV exposure, ingress protection, hazardous locations, and extreme temperatures

  • Buy American manufacturing

    – to utilize our top-tier American manufacturing, procurement, and customer support teams

We design our products to be safe, reliable, and compact with batteries built to last

Data transmission via the Internet of Things requires electrical energy, which can quickly drain the batteries used to power these distant connections. Using free energy from the sun allows for more frequent data capture and transmission.

Our solar-powered devices can last 8+ years in the field on the same battery—and we house that battery in built-tough, lightweight, and smart devices that will withstand the elements in the field for those 8+ years.

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Built to withstand just about anything

From extreme heat to extreme cold and from water to sand, the elements cannot get in the way of our products working the way you expect them to. All our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they will survive in these challenging environments. Watch this video to see our testing in action.

With the addition of Carmanah’s monitoring capabilities, DIMAR was able to achieve a low-maintenance, state-of-the-art system suitable for ensuring safe navigation at two of Latin America’s leading ports.

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