solar perimeter and security lighting for naval air station fallonWhen the prestigious Top Gun School at Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada required a new lighting system, the engineering was crucial. The lights at the power sub-stations had to be reliable for security, while the lights at the aircraft fuel stations required dependability for night operations and refueling.

This project for NAS Fallon was a testament to Sol’s ability to provide mission-critical systems uniquely configured to exceed the typical requirements of commercial solar lighting systems. With the lighting off the grid, it is immune to power outages, making it a reliable choice in case of security threats or blackouts. “In addition to the lights being aesthetically pleasing, they also provide ample lighting and a sense of security for personnel being able to see their work area,” says Mark Kampmann, Chief Builder for the U.S. Naval Construction Maintenance Unit.

With such dependability in play, it would be expected that the system would be complex to install, but Kampmann describes the opposite: “The overall experience with the solar lights was efficient and kind of fun to put together,” Kampmann says. “It’s nice that we were able to avoid connecting to existing high voltage lines, and the lightweight fiberglass utility poles made installation very easy.”

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