Carmanah’s products stand up in harsh weather to ensure safety without a lot of maintenance, regardless of application. These three military bases put our products to work for both training and full-time purposes.

The largest US military base in Afghanistan, Bagram Air Base has been using Carmanah solar airfield products since 2003. With both visible and infrared output available as a standard option, these lights offer versatility in addition to their durable, maintenance-free design.

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jet at bagram air base with carmanah solar-powered runway lights


The Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska, sought solar lighting due to its extreme weather conditions and remote location, both of which make power a major concern. Carmanah provided easy-to-deploy apron and taxiway edge lights that were low-cost, reliable, and maintenance-free.

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jet at night at elmendorf air force base with carmanah runway lights


In Ontario, Canada, CFB Trenton/CFD Mountain View required temporary lighting for tactical night vision training. Carmanah’s runway lights could withstand tough Canadian winters during the training exercises and when the training was complete, the Canadian military was able to complete its first-ever tactical NVG approach into Afghanistan.

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military jet taking off from cfb trenton with carmanah lights on the runway


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