Advanced marine lantern technology from Carmanah’s Sabik Marine


Location: Cartagena and Buenaventura ports in Colombia

Project size:

  • 49 lateral buoys
  • 2 safe water buoys
  • 11 cardinal buoys
  • 23 danger buoys
  • Additional beacons


Distribution Partner: Iner Consultores, S.A.


In Colombia, Dirección General Marítima Autoridad Marítima Colombiana (DIMAR) manages maritime activities over 928,660 km² of the country’s coastal and inland waterways. DIMAR sought to improve navigation safety at two of its busiest ports, where the current marine lanterns and buoyage systems were outdated. Finding a way to manage the systems was crucial: the lanterns would need to be managed via remote monitoring from a central location. The solution came from Sabik Marine, a subsidiary of Carmanah, which provided the M860 Marine Lantern featuring onboard satellite-based monitoring capabilities.


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