At its Orlando, Florida, location, global security company Lockheed Martin’s 25-year-old streetlights—and the wiring that powered them—needed an overhaul. Since Lockheed often pursued sustainable business practices, exploring a solar solution was already top-of-mind. However, the new system would have to meet the facility’s requirements, which included lighting the main entrance roadway and the main loop serving the facility, a task involving more than 30 lights.

Due to the engineering required for this expansive project, Lockheed had concerns about cost. In partnership with Carmanah distributor SESCO, Lockheed discovered solar was not as expensive a lighting solution as it had once been. In fact, a solar lighting system would be a cost-effective project that would actually save money over a 20-year period, with the purchase price and maintenance in consideration.

carmanah eg 1520 solar-powered street light for lockheed martin in orlando florida

Lockheed agreed: they installed 35 EverGen™ 1520 solar LED street lights, making their system the largest installation of solar outdoor lighting in Florida. Each 24-foot-tall fixture covered a 125-foot stretch of roadway 26 feet wide. The operating profile also demanded dependable lights, requiring full intensity each night for five hours, then dimming to 25% of full intensity and returning to full intensity two hours before dawn.

While maintaining their commitment to sustainable design, Lockheed installed a robust system engineered to work for their requirements, saving money and maintenance costs in the long term.

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