Globalstar Inc. powers its SmartOne Solar™ asset tracker with solar technology for a longer battery life


Location: Distributed to Globalstar clients around the world

Project size: Ongoing

Partner: Globalstar, Inc



A leading provider of mobile satellite voice and data services, Globalstar helps companies conduct business smarter and faster using tools like asset and personal tracking, data monitoring, SCADA, and IoT applications. Globalstar works with industries around the world including government, emergency management, marine, logging, mining, transportation, outdoor recreation, and oil and gas.

Typically, remote asset tracking devices are limited by their batteries in terms of data transmission payload and frequency. Additionally, many devices in the market today may also be restricted by the locations where they can be used physically and safely due to the remote nature of the assets and the potentially combustible environments, respectively.

To continue advancing their position as a leading provider of innovative, affordable satellite solutions for M2M/IoT markets, Globalstar sought a solar-powered device for remote monitoring capable of functioning in challenging and isolated environments, providing more frequent data transmissions cost-effectively, and maximizing field longevity without battery changes or other maintenance.

“Many of our customers are interested in broadening the data capture and increasing the frequency of data transmissions from their mobile assets,” says Dave Kagan, President and COO of Globalstar.


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