The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has some of the most demanding processes for traffic product manufacturers seeking approval—and in 2006, Carmanah was the first manufacturer of self-contained, compact solar LED flashing beacons approved by the state. That initial approval took FDOT engineers over a year of analysis and testing before approving the flashing beacons.

carmanah traffic school zone beacon in front of school with school bus

Today, the FDOT continues to work with Carmanah, purchasing a variety of Carmanah products including the more complex R829-G School Zone Flashing Beacon, which integrates time switch technology. With a time switch, workers can monitor and program schedules remotely for operation during school hours. With thousands of successful installations of these lights completed around the world, the R829-G School Zone Flashing Beacon has become the benchmark in traffic and signaling applications worldwide, and its continued success in strict locations like Florida proves their specifications and certifications are a force to be reckoned with. Read the original press release.


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