Advanced marine lantern technology ensures both safe navigation and asset management

Dirección General Marítima Autoridad Marítima Colombiana (DIMAR) is the General Maritime Directorate of Colombia, managing maritime activities over 928,660 km² of Colombia’s coastal and inland waterways. DIMAR was under pressure to improve safe navigation by replacing outdated marine lanterns and buoyage systems, thanks to the growing import/export market in the country. The organization’s goal was a solution that could help better manage critical assets via remote monitoring from a centralized location.

The challenge

Replace outdated and inefficient marine lanterns
Reduce maintenance costs for aids-to-navigation
Reduce reliance on visual inspection and proactively address potential points of failure
Adopt a centralized monitoring system that could be deployed across a wide territory, including regions without GSM coverage

The solution

Sabik Marine was selected to help DIMAR meet its goals. A pilot project began in fall 2013, when DIMAR installed the M860 Marine Lanterns with monitoring service at two of Colombia’s busiest ports, Cartagena and Buenaventura. The project included:

  • 49 lateral buoys
  • 2 safe water buoys
  • 11 cardinal buoys
  • 23 danger buoys
  • And other additional beacons

Who is Sabik?

Sabik is a subsidiary of Carmanah and includes Sabik Marine, which focuses on aids-to-navigation for marine authorities like DIMAR, as well as ports, navies, and more, and Sabik Offshore, which focuses on aids-to-navigation and ID marking for offshore wind farms during construction and operation.


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The product

Carmanah M860 Marine Lantern

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Benefits of choosing Carmanah

Fully self-contained, low-maintenance hardware

Remote diagnostics: lantern health reports + data trending

Scalable, reliable solution with room for growth

What are your ideas?

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DIMAR, which is in charge of maritime activities in Colombia, sought marine lanterns for two of its busiest ports. Carmanah and Sabik Marine provided M860 Marine Lanterns featuring remote monitoring connected via satellite to a central hub to ensure the lanterns were working as expected.