Powering the Internet of Things with solar

The Internet of Things (IoT) links physical objects through network connectivity. Why connect a device to the IoT? For businesses with physical assets spread over large territories or difficult-to-access locations, connecting those assets wirelessly to a central hub for data tracking and remote management helps minimize the time and expense associated with site visits. Whether a scientist wants to track ocean water temperatures or a farmer wants to monitor humidity levels in a granary, asset monitoring is possible through wireless technology for countless applications. Fortunately, the remote and often outdoor applications of many asset trackers makes them perfect devices for integrating solar technology. As the industry matures, companies are looking to evolve their features to help propel the next generation of products.

Adding solar to your asset

At Carmanah, we can apply our 20+ years of expertise in solar and energy management systems to design and build a solar-powered engine for your distributed assets. With solar, you can capture, transmit, and report more data, more often. The result is a product that provides more messaging flexibility and a longer-lasting battery for your customers.

Compare the transmission numbers

Redesign for an industrial-grade product that will last as long as the battery.

We’ve built thousands of solutions for commercial, industrial, and military customers across the globe, and can design and/or build to your specification. Our products are highly reliable, compact, and meet such standards as ATEX, IECEX, UL746 F1, IP68/69K, HERO, and MIL STD-810G. A robust exterior casing lends itself well to the IoT world and can allow your customers a greater range of applications including those in hazardous conditions or extreme weather.

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By the numbers: How solar can increase transmission capabilities

Solar provides a continuous and sustainable source of power that will recharge your batteries for years. This means that your asset tracker has more power capacity for additional transmissions and batteries that can more than double the lifespan. When you add Carmanah’s power management into the mix, the result is a compact and lower-cost device that maximizes the transmission capabilities. This is a simulation that compares an asset with and without the solar integration in three North American locations.

See our solar capabilities in action

Our solar-powered, satellite-connected platform enables new opportunities for innovation for any application that requires remote monitoring and subsequent data transmission. Explore some of the ways we’ve already helped industries expand their potential.

Asset Tracking and Monitoring
We helped Globalstar release the SmartOne Solar™, their first solar-powered asset tracker.

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Naval and Marine Lanterns Monitoring
Our solar-powered lanterns, featuring remote monitoring for better asset management, helped the Colombian Navy improve navigation at their two busiest ports.

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Street Light Monitoring
Sol provides solar-powered lighting with the EverGen®, a robust street light that is monitored remotely to manage outages and performance effectively.

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Harnessing the sun to charge batteries provides many benefits

Put it anywhere:
Choose a certified intrinsically safe telematics solution.
Extend battery life:
Charge your battery more efficiently for a longer battery lifespan.
Reduce maintenance:
Save money by extending battery maintenance intervals to eight years or longer.
Be more green:
Reduce improper battery disposal.
Transmit more data:
Capture and transmit more information—more frequently.
Increase business intelligence:
Access more data to make better decisions.

What possibilities will you unlock with solar-powered asset tracking?

  • Agricultural asset monitoring
  • Asset locating
  • Cathodic pipeline protection
  • Forest fire detection
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Marine asset monitoring
  • Mobile asset tracking
  • Perimeter sensing + alerting
  • Pipeline + chemical leak detection
  • Remote scientific data collection
  • Traffic monitoring + transportation planning

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News + Stories

Carmanah and subsidiary Sol combined their expertise to design and develop the EverGen M Series, a solar street light with built-in remote monitoring. Managed by Globalstar's low orbit satellite network, the EverGen's monitoring system provides peace of mind the light is working.
Carmanah Technologies Corporation and Globalstar, Inc. are proud to announce Globalstar’s newest satellite device, the SmartOne Solar™. The solar-powered SmartOne Solar is a low maintenance, intelligent device that provides remote monitoring and tracking for valuable assets.
Carmanah software developer Muhammad Usama bin Aftab helps decipher wireless technologies' opportunities in his new book, Building Bluetooth Low Energy Systems, proving that Carmanah’s skilled employees don’t just know what they’re talking about—they can write books about it, too.
blue flag and OL2A flashing beacon
Carmanah products are built tough. Our OL2A solar obstruction light was run over by a tractor at a railyard and still worked afterward.
DIMAR, which is in charge of maritime activities in Colombia, sought marine lanterns for two of its busiest ports. Carmanah and Sabik Marine provided M860 Marine Lanterns featuring remote monitoring connected via satellite to a central hub to ensure the lanterns were working as expected.